Dinosaur movies
Dinosaur Movies
*3-D Charging Allosaurus: The Movie basically shows an Albertosaurus. libratus running and roaring at the camera.
  • Allosaurus Movie: This movie shows a robotic Allosaurus. atrox roaring and fighting a Stegosaurus. (Seen in the original Dinosaur Adventure)
  • DeinonychusMovie: This shows a animatronic Deinonychus koreanensis roaring. (Seen in the original Dinosaur Adventure)
  • HatchingMovie: The Movie shows a young Edmontosaurus annectens hatching.
  • Flying Quetzalcoatlus: The movie shows a robotic Q.northropi flying through out Death Valley in 1986. (The Robot was made by Paul MacCready)
  • Walking Tyrannosaurus: "Using the latest computer driven animation, scientists are able to create a moving, breathing Tyrannosaurus." This movie shows a wire-frame T. imperiosus walking. (The dinosaur was created by Cyrus Lum in 1992)
  • ApatosaurusMovie: The movie shows a roaring A. ajax
  • Deinonychus Hunting: "The Deinonycus was a fast and efficient predator that hunted in packs. Watch how effective they are as they hunt the egg-stealing Struthiomimus." The movie shows Two D. antirrhopus chasing a Struthiomimus sedens in a Prehistoric forest.
  • Tyrannosaurus Comes Alive: This movie shows of what a Tyrannosaurus organs and muscles actually look like as the dinosaur slowly comes back to life. The movie shows a Tyrannosaurus. battar
  • Care to Dance?: "Since no-one knows what dinosaurs were really like, It's possible that a meeting between a Tyrannosaurus and a Triceratops might have gone like this...NOT!"
  • The Chase: This movie shows the a couple of Hypacrosaurs being chased by a pair of Albertosaurus.
  • Tyrannosaurus and Triceratops: This movie shows a looped scuffle between the Tyrannosaurus and the Triceratops. (Presumably done by Cyrus Lum)