3-D Dinosaur Adventure Wiki

Click on the Dinosaur Encyclopedia Button on the Main Menu to find almost everything you've ever wanted to know about the ancient world of dinosaurs.On the upper right side of the reference screen is the Picture Window where you'll see photographs and movies of the largest and most fearsome creatures ever to exist.  In the window on the lower left is the Text Window.  Below the Picture Window are the Control Buttons, which provide program options, and the Dataline, which tells you how big and tall these animals were, and how long ago they lived.  Above the Text Window is the Globe, which shows where the animal has been found or the location of event described in the Text Window.  The buttons at the top of the screen are the Category Buttons, which let you tap a specific category of dinosaur information.

1. Earth

2. Early Life

3. Neighbors

4. Carnivore

5. Herbivore

6. Family/Lifestyle

7. Paleontology