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Save the Dinosaurs is the feature minigame found in CD-ROM releases of 3-D Dinosaur Adventure. Similar to the Emergency minigame in 3-D Body Adventure, this is a race-against-the-clock style game based on the Zoomscape engine.


The goal is to navigate (using the mouse) through maze-like corridors of time to find and rescue each of 15 types of dinosaur from the three different periods of the Mesozoic era before a comet impact wipes them all out. Each intersection in the time corridors features a hint screen which can be clicked to provide trivia or to inform the player if they're in the wrong time period. Obstacles to avoid include giant bugs (which cause the timer to decrease if touched and can be zapped by clicking the mouse) and Dromaeosaurus, which are found around dead-end corners.

Changes made to Windows version[]

This is what happens when you save all of the dinosaurs

This is what happens when you didn't save any of the dinosaurs.

  • The Windows version plays the theme heard in the "Tyrannosaurus vs. Triceratops" video through the activity.
  • Kevin Schon (aka Reed Waxman) voiced the host in both versions, but his voice sounds wackier in the Windows version.
  • The Windows version adds a screen at the end of the game showing which dinosaurs were rescued.
  • After completing the game in the MS-DOS version, the game restarts, but with a shorter timer (similar to Emergency). The Windows version, after showing which dinosaurs were rescued, always returns to the main menu.


  • The dinosaur art in this minigame is by John Sibbick and was sourced from the 1985 book The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Dinosaurs. The same art appears elsewhere in the program.