Main Menu

The Main Menu for 3-D Dinosaur Adventure appears after the charging Allosaurus movie and is, in fact, the entrance to the 3-D Dinosaur Theme Park.  You can go to any of the activities in 3-D Dinosaur Adventure using the Activity Buttons surrounding the gate to the 3-D Dinosaur Theme Park.  You can fly through the theme park to find the activities, or you can choose to go directly to a specific activity.  Before you decide what to do, you might like to move the pointer around the screen and read the Note Balloons.

Choose an Activity Button
To go to one of the 3-D Dinosaur Adventure activities, click on the Activity Button of your choice.  You will travel through time and space to arrive at the activity screen.  If you want to get to the activity instantly, click on the arrow on the lower frame of the Activity Button instead.
Take the 3-D Dinosaur Theme Park TourEach of the Activity Buttons will take you on a different tour of the 3-D Dinosaur Theme Park.  If you want to see a handy map of the park or if you want more information on 3-D Dinosaur Adventure, click on the Help Button in the lower left corner of the screen. 


Virtual Reality Tour: Be careful! The park is filled with dinosaurs. Some of them are dangerous!

The Dinosaur Encyclopedia:  How well do you know your dinosaur facts? 


Name a Saurus:  Do you really know your dinosaur names?

Dinosaur Storybook: Read along with the Dinosaur Storybook.

3D Dinosaur Museum: 3-D Dinosaur Museum!


Photo Safari: Are you ready to go on a dinosaur safari?

Create a Saurus: Wild looking eggs... Let's create our own dinosaur!

Dinosaur Movies: Hey! Let's go see a dinosaur movie!

Cretaceous Corner:

Save the Dinosaurs!: Let's play 'Save the Dinosaurs'!!

Who Am I? : Can you recognize a dinosaur when you see one?