3-D Dinosaur Adventure Statistics Edit

Charging Allosaurus

"Allosaurus" (actually Albertosaurus) roaring at the camera

  • Dinosaur:Albertosaurus
  • Species: Libratus?
  • Video Type: CG animation
  • Info: This movie is the opening of 3-D Dinosaur Adventure. An alternate, non 3-D version of Charging Allosaurus can be viewed at any time in the theater.

Trivia Edit

  • "Allosaurus" is likely a mistake by the game designers, as the dinosaur in the video clearly has the proportions of a tyrannosaur. The intended name was presumably Albertosaurus.
  • This Albertosaurus would make another appearance in other movie called "The Chase" along with another dinosaur of the same species chasing a group of Hadrosaurids.